Volunteer Opportunities

There are many exciting events and activities throughout the school year that allow parents to participate in the PLC. Volunteers are needed for events planning, fund raising, email distribution lists, after school rewards program, student citizen program, PTA shopping and more. Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page to see how you can get involved with your PTA and the PLC. There are wonderful benefits to your kids if you volunteer. Find out and jump in!

Let the PTA know of your talents and volunteer interests!
Please fill out our Get Involved! Form and we will get back to you with how you can get involved with your PTA. Everyone is encouraged to help, together we can make a difference in all our children’s school experience!


Parent Volunteer Log

Get credit for your volunteer hours at the PLC! All families are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer time every school year.

Enter your volunteer hours on our Parent Volunteer Log page.

The Parent Volunteer Log is being provided by the PLC PTA as a courtesy to its membership and the PLC Administration and is not the official record of Parent Volunteer Hours. All questions regarding the Parent Volunteer Policy, what counts towards volunteer hours, whether or not volunteer hours have been approved, how many hours have been completed, or any other questions regarding volunteer hours shall be directed to the PLC Administration. The PLC PTA strongly recommends that each family– in addition to utilizing the Parent Volunteer Log which will generate an email verification of each logged volunteer time–maintain a record of their volunteer hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to fulfill your volunteer hours with activities such as chaperoning field trips, or assisting in the classroom or in the school, you must become a “School Volunteer” with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools by registering at: http://community.dadeschools.net/!svp/school-vol.asp.

To view the PLC Parent Volunteer Policy, download the PLC’s Parent Volunteer Policy.


School Volunteer Program (SVP) Registration Form

Become a school volunteer! In order to participate in PTA activities that involve student contact please complete the School Volunteer Program registration process. Register to become a school volunteer here!

Read a brochure about how to complete the registration process here.

Don’t forget, once you have completed the registration process please see Ms. Bolado in the front office to activate your volunteer status with the school.


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