Extended through April 20th- Nominations for the 2015-2016 PLC PTA

Dear PTA Parents:
The PLC PTA is asking for nominations for its Officers for the 2015-2016 school year. We are looking for nominees for: President, 1st Vice- President, 2nd Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.

We are seeking parents who will be committed to improving their child’s education, accept the challenge to continue the growth and expand the ideas and ideals of this PTA. There is no prior experience needed to hold an office, however we are working to create opportunities for parents to get to know all nominees.

The process for electing officers will be as follows and in accordance with the by-laws:
• The nominee must be a member of the PLC PTA
• Complete the Nomination Form 2015 also available in the PLC Office)
• Deadline for Nominating forms is April 20, 2015
• (Drop off in the box marked “PLC PTA Nomination Box” located in the PLC Office)
• The nominee must consent to the nomination
• PTA members may nominate themselves
• No restriction on School Board employees serving as officers. The School Board rule restricts employees of the school from: 1) serving as co-signors on checks; or 2) being involved in handling of money or merchandise of the PTA
• The Nominating Committee will announce its nominees for each elected position at the Meet & Greet and on election day
• Election of 2015-16 Officers, PTA Meeting- April 28, 2015- PLC iPrep Cafeteria at 5:30 pm
The fundamental role of the PTA Board is to govern. PTA is a member-driven association. Much of the day-to-day work of a PTA is done by its board and committees. As a PTA Leader, you will be charged to seek out positive partnerships within this community, continue the tradition of quality leadership that the predecessors have established and continue responding to the challenges that others create for the health, welfare, safety and education of children in the home, school and community.

An outline of responsibilities for each position is below for your convenience. For additional information about the nomination process, please contact a Nominating Committee Member below.

Nomination Form 2015

All the best,
Nominating Committee
Xiomara Napoleon, member, current PLC PTA President
Deb Albo‐Steiger, Member
Sandra Seals, member
Natacha Janssens, Member
Denise Glenn, member
Primary Learning Center of MDCPS PTA

Officer Responsibilities:
The President plays a lead role in organizing the full board, promoting inclusiveness, overseeing the committees and programs and being a strong advocate on behalf of all students. Additionally, the President creates partnerships within the school, community and fosters and environment were parent involvement is encouraged and respected. The president shall preside at all meetings of the association, the executive committee and the Executive board at which the president may be present; shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these bylaws or assigned by the association or by the executive board; may appoint a Parliamentarian and historian, with the approval of the executive board; and shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association in order that the purposes may be promoted.

1st and 2nd Vice‐Presidents
The vice‐president(s) shall act as aide(s) to the president and shall (in their designated order) perform
the duties of the president in the absence or disability of that officer to act.

Recording Secretary
The recording secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the association and of the executive
committee and board and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated.

Corresponding Secretary
The corresponding secretary shall prepare all written communications as directed by the association or
by the executive board and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated.
• Prepare all written materials for use in emails to the distribution list
• Prepare any photos/ images for use in emails to the distribution list
• Prepare emails for distribution
• Respond to any incoming emails/ forward email messages to the appropriate party/ board member
• Prepare all written materials for posting on the website
• Prepare any photos/ images for posting on the website
• (the above writing and images for the website can be easily adapted from any emails generated)
• Send copy/images for posting

The treasurer shall have custody of all of the funds of the association; shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; and shall make disbursements in accordance with the approved budget, as authorized by the association. The treasurer shall present a financial statement at every meeting of the association and at other times when requested by the executive board and shall make a full report at the annual meeting. The treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records as conform to the requirements of Article XIII, Section 3, of the bylaws. The treasurer’s accounts shall be examined annually by an auditor or an audit committee.

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