Congratulations Ms. Mir!

Ms. Mir has received the “Un Maestro Especial” award 2015.

The award luncheon was held on Wednesday, May 21st at Miami Lakes Educational Center. To celebrate her recognition, Univision 23 invited PLC students, parents and administration. Mr. Carvalho was also in attendance as a guest speaker. Additionally, Univision visited the PLC on March 18th to showcase Ms. Mir’s classroom. The piece was aired on TV Channel 23 the first week of May.

A link to the video: “Un Maestro Especial” award 2015.

In addition to receiving the “Un Maestro Especial” award, Ms. Mir also received $1000.00 from the two main sponsors of the event and $3500.00 in scholarships from Nova Southeastern University.

calvalho mir and students

Mr. Carvalho (Superintendent and Principle), Ms. Mir (Pre-K teacher) and students.

mir family award

Ms. Mir (Pre-K teacher) and family with the “Un Maestro Especial” award 2015.

Pre-K Students on Univision

On Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 Univision TV visited Ms. Mir’s class to record students engaged in rich vocabulary activities in the classroom as a part of a literacy campaign promoted by former first lady Hilary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has partnered with Univision for her Campaign “Too small to Fail” encouraging Hispanic parents to actively engage in reading at home with children under five years old. The initiative focuses on closing what researchers call a “word gap,” as many children from lower income families begin school with smaller vocabularies than their classmates.

A link to the video showcasing Ms. Mir’s classroom.

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