09/24/2019 ptsa meeting minutes

September 24, 2019, PTSA meeting minutes,
I-Prep Academy PTSA
Meeting held in the I-Prep Upper Academy Cafeteria

Meeting was called to order at 5:02 pm and a Quorum was established.

1. Welcome by Christine Gay, PTSA Vice President

2. Administrative Update by Ms. Gonzalez, Vice Principal (Upper Academy)

Lower and Upper Academy’s
• September 25th has been designated Dad’s take your child to school day. Since we already have so many dads who bring their children to school every day there will be photographers taking pics for social media. This day is to recognize a male figure (grandpa, coach, brother, uncle or family friend) who plays a major role in working with our kids.
• Monday September 30th – Teacher Planning Day – NO SCHOOL
• October 1st, Magnet Applications open-up. Tell family ad friends. You can register online by visiting yourchoicemiami.org
• October 7-11 United Way Red Ribbon Week. Please look for a flyer that went home with your child listing dress up days. $5 donation for the week
• October 9th – Teacher Planning Day – NO SCHOOL
• October 10th we will be having Pre-K tours from 9:00-10:00am
• October 11th (Friday) Our Annual Hispanic Heritage Pare for PK-4th grade. Students only.
• October 11th (high school) College Fair
• October 14th is Make-up School Picture Day. If your child missed school picture day than they will take their picture on this day. Please make sure that your child is dressed in formal wear for PK-4th, middle school uniform, or appropriate attire for high school.
• October 16th – PSAT testing. This year grades 8-11 will take the test. This gets the kids ready for the exams and gives them an idea of what to expect.
• October 22nd we will be having tours for grades 6-12 from 9:00-10:00am. You can register for tours at iprepacademy.com
• October 12th (Friday) Our Annual Hispanic Heritage Pare for PK-4th grade. Students only.
• October 26th will be Harvest Fest. Please sign up and volunteer.

• For your safety and your child’s safety please do not get out of your car when dropping off or picking up your children. Please drive all the way forward to the yellow bollards and wait for a staff member to assist you. If your child can open the door by themselves than please have your child unbuckle their seat belt the minute you pull into the drop off lane and gather their things to make a quick exit from the car. This will help to speed up the process.
• Upper Academy – Students must have their Student ID on them. It is part of the Uniform Policy
• No hoodies allowed
• Upper Academy students and parents please use the office off of Biscayne Blvd for any early dismissals, parent conferences, missed absences, etc.

• Please keep in mind the 30-minute rule for early sign-out. No child we be released the last 30 minutes of school which means the latest you can sign in your child for early dismissal is (PK-1st) 1:20 pm, grades (2-5) 2:35 pm, grades 6-12 2:30 pm.
• Attendance – Please make sure that your child is in their classroom by their class start time or they will be counted as tardy.
• Recess – Per HB7069 and Recess, it can be indoors or outdoors. MDCPS is leaning more toward the outdoor play for recess if weather permits. At iPrep, we have to keep in mind that we have confined outdoor space and at times someone’s recess time may be at the same time as the Upper Academy’s PE or even our own Elementary PE which may make it almost unsafe to have so many kids outside at the same time. We are strongly encouraging outdoor Recess but please bear with us as it may not be outdoors every day.

3. Ratification of May 14, 2019 PTSA minutes, which were posted on the iprepptsa.org
website and were ratified and approved by a vote of members.

4. Treasurer’s Report/PTSA Budget 2019-2020, Jocelyn Bagge
• On hand $43,280.54
• Contest for the most PTSA Membership’s. 3 classes had 100% participation and will receive a pizza party.
• We had 267 PTSA memberships come in so far. PTSA membership Income $4685.50
• Members approved 2019-2010 Budget (all in favor)

5. PTSA Committees and Upcoming Events – Volunteers Needed
• Pizza Friday – every Friday – please sign up to volunteer
• Harvest Fest – Saturday October 26th – please sign up to volunteer. This is a fun family event. We will have a barbecue, bake sell, pumpkin contest, dunk tanks with the teachers in them etc.
• Audit Committee – 3 volunteers needed to audit the 2018-2019 records of the PTSA
• Challenge2change – Sometime in February. This year we purchased with the money made from last May’s challenge2change 5 water filling stations, which only one has been put in so far. We are painting a life size Chutes and Ladder game board on the playground. Box ball courts will also be painted, Astroturf has been installed outside the school and 12 walkie talkies have been purchased for the school teachers and staff to communicate more easily.
• Save the Date: Winter Holiday Shop Fundraiser at iPrep, December 11-13. Your child will be able to buy inexpensive gifts for friends and family in the same location as where the book fair was held.
• Save the Date: Spring Picnic Saturday February 29, 2020 Virgina Key Park

6. Beginning of School Year Updates and Announcements
• Book Fair – We raised almost $11,000. We have 3 book fairs throughout the year. The first one we take 50% profit in Scholastic Dollars. We use the Scholastic Dollars to buy things for SWAT (Science with a Twist) Night. The second book fair we make 20% of profits in cash to the PTSA, and the 3rd book fair is buy one get one free (no profit).
• Drop off procedures. Please do not get out of your car during drop off or pickup. Have your child ready to get out of the car as soon as they pull up with everything they need. We can not stress how important this is .
• INSTAGRAM LIVE PTSA meeting. We will be broadcasting our PTSA meeting live from now on. Please follow @iprep_ptsa_2019_2020 if you do not attend meeting but watch while we are live you will be counted as if you were there. You can also go back and watch the meeting under stories.
• Box tops – we will be having one final cut out box top contest February 21st, 2020. Box tops now has an app that has to be downloaded in order for us to get credit for the box tops. Please download the app.

7. Questions
• Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up Procedures – could we please email everyone and send home a flyer with instructions
• Can we raise PTSA budget for TAW Week.
• During TAW week can we have breakfast or lunch for the teachers but not both. Number of people we are feeding has gone up since we are now bigger and including teacher assistants etc.

Mr. Carvalho stopped by and let us know that
• iPrep is one of the best rated schools in America right now.
• There are zero F rated schools in Miami-Dade County
• This year Miami-Dade had a 90% graduation rate.
• iPrep is #1 in the country in AP performance

Meeting was Adjourned at 5:54pm

Recording Secretary
Roger Israel-Sanchez

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